FETCHING - Boston Personal Shopper

Boston, Massachusetts


Why should I use a personal shopper?

There are myriad reasons to use a personal shopper. A personal shopper can help you focus and organize your efforts so that you spend less time and money shopping, ending up with better results. A personal shopper can also help you see the big picture, creating a total wardrobe instead of individual pieces. Finally, a personal shopper can bring a fresh perspective to your personal style, ensuring you feel like yourself at your best.

What type of budget do I need?

We have worked with shopping budgets ranging from $500 to "sky's the limit."

Why would I use a personal shopper when department stores provide the same services?

Department store services are limited to what happens in a single store. We work in conjunction with in store sales associates and shoppers. Our span reaches outside the store to help you build a complete wardrobe. We take a full experience consulting approach, building an ongoing relationship to ensure your needs are met.

How can a personal shopper save me money?

A personal shopper will help you build a cohesive wardrobe and invest in pieces you will actually wear! By planning and approaching your needs in a thoughtful and organized manner, a personal shopper will help you get the most bang for your buck.

What stores do you typically shop with/for your clients?

Everything from Target to Barney's to local boutiques. We work within the client's budget and preferences to meet their needs.

Is there a particular style you tend to see in your clients?

No. Every client's style is unique and we pride ourselves on bringing out that individual style.

What if I don't have time to actually go shopping?

Not a problem. We can bring the shopping experience to you.