Photo of KerryIn 2008, after a decade spent working in the field of business consulting, Kerry Waterman Epstein decided to follow her dreams and open Fetching. She’s long had a keen eye for (and a deep appreciation of) fashion, and was known in her circle as the person to ask if you needed help finding the perfect shoe, bag, suit, or dress. Becoming a professional personal shopper and stylist allowed her to put these skills to work, and to assist those beyond her family and friends.

Today, she has strong ties to the Boston fashion and retail community, enabling her to ensure that her clients have access to the very best clothes (and deals!) available. She loves to help people fine-tune their style, whether they’re building an entire wardrobe or just seeking one winning look for an important event. She prides herself on being honest, respectful, and insightful; she wants every client to feel confident and happy as well as well-dressed.